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Youtube lists are really common and overdone, I know. So why am I doing a Top 10 YouTube Channels? Well, there are a few channels I think do not get enough credit and are too often overlooked. That profile does not fit every channel on this list, but it does fit a few. They are important for different reasons: bringing to light important issues, explaining concepts, experiences, or advice or being a good way to unwind. These YouTube channels deserve some love, so hang on for the list. 

1. Special Books for Special Kids (SBSK)

SBSK is run by a man named Chris, who goes around the world interviewing people of all ages and races who live with disabilities. He has entire playlists of interviews with people living with autism, genetic conditions and mental illnesses. Not only are the interviews educational, but you get to hear from people with various conditions and empathize and understand them. The channel promotes inclusivity, respect, positivity and collaboration. What could be more important? The exact ranking of the other channels is debatable, but this is number one. 

2. Associated Press

The Associated Press is a huge news organization that covers all types of important issues and current events. They are considered one of the least biased news sources as well, so you are more free to make your own conclusions. Keeping up to date on issues and educating yourself is very important in this day and age in order to be a good world citizen.

3. Minute Earth

Minute Earth is a channel that explains all sorts of questions that have to do with Earth and science. The videos are short, so you aren’t sitting through any droning lectures, and you get to learn something new.. 

4. The Financial Diet

This channel gives you all kinds of good tips on finances, saving, budgeting and investing. We’re all just trying to adult, why not learn some tricks for it? 

5. Binging with Babbish

This is a really good, interesting cooking channel. Not only does Babbish have videos on all the basics for beginners, but he recreates dishes from popular culture. Babbish has  a good sense of humor too, and his videos aren’t boring to watch.

6. ChilledCow

This channel offers 24-hour live lo-fi music and a playlist of copyright free songs. Sometimes music like this is just what you need to unwind or focus.

7. Angry Ram

This channel is full of videos of a family of rams getting angry and ramming into stuff. It’s the same rams just being rams. The videos are funny and cute, and the person running the channel gives occasional updates on the ram family.

8. Gus Johnson

Gus is a comedy YouTuber, and he’s ridiculous. His comedy is nonsensical and his videos are basically just long vines.

9. Numberphile

This channel is all about videos explaining math concepts in easy to understand ways and applying them to real life. The videos are informative, interesting and well-made. The length of the videos varies, but they are usually not over 15 minutes.

10. Wednesday Campanella / 水曜日のカンパネラ

This is the channel for a Japanese band, and I just really like their music. It’s important, okay? They are really good. Have a listen. They have a series of songs inspired by the legends and fairytales of different cultures. It’s cool.

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