College is in-Tents offers relief from college intensity

On Friday, Sept. 21 the first-year triangle of William Jewell College transformed into something of a campsite. Tents and a fire pit helped to create a feeling of fall in the slightly chilly air. This was all part of the third annual College is in-Tents.

College is in-Tents is an event put on by the first-year residence assistants for all first-year students. The title is a pun on how intense the College can be. A goal of the event was to bring residents of both Mathes and Eaton hall together.

The event had other goals as well. Darcy Sweet, junior psychological science major with an emphasis in pre-occupational therapy, spoke about why she and the other residential assistants put the evening together.

“We wanted to raise awareness of the importance of adaptability and resilience in college,” Sweet said.

Adaptability was a skill that had to be exhibited when technological difficulties arose and the movie would not work. Students instead listened to music, made s’mores and had good conversation. Skylar Seitz, first-year biology major, even gave out henna tattoos.

Fall foods were plentiful on the first-year triangle. Hot cider and hot chocolate, pumpkin spice cupcakes and popcorn balls were just a few of the treats students munched on while enjoying their first chilly night on the Hill.  

The event was a great way to bring all the first-years together and remind them of the community they have here at Jewell.

Anna Fulton, first-year biochemistry major, perhaps best encapsulated the event.  

“College is intense, but s’mores make it better,” said Fulton.

Photo Courtesy of: Confessions of a Public Servant

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