During the first week of spring semester classes, the three campus fraternities and four sororities held their annual rush and recruitment events. This included first-year women and men busily socializing with active members of sororities and fraternities, searching for their possible new sisters and brothers.

Quincee Jackson is the advisor of Jewell’s Panhellenic Council. She is in charge of the organization of recruitment registration for the College’s first-year women.

Chris Triplett, who has been the advisor of William Jewell College’s Interfraternity Conference (IFC) since November 2013, helps guide fraternities during the rush process. This means that he organizes the registration process for first-year men and keeps track of the numbers for rush week.

“My favorite moment of rush week this year, as it was last year, was being able to sit in the room when each new member’s fraternity selection was announced. The excitement and energy in that room is second to none,” Triplett said.

 Vice President of Recruitment for Panhellenic Council Amelia Hanzlick, senior, took on this responsibility in 2014 in order to observe the recruitment process from the outside rather than from the inside of a sorority.

“I was able to help the chapters prepare for recruitment, meet with the rest of the Council to decide on policy changes and help the first year women through the recruitment process from an objective position rather than recruiting them to my specific sorority,” Hanzlick said.

Bid Day has always been Hanlick’s favorite part of the week.

“Hearing chapters cheer when their new members are finally welcomed into their sorority is fulfilling because the Council and I were able to help them receive a unique and rewarding experience at William Jewell College,” she said.

Tony McBroom, junior, was the Vice President of Recruitment for IFC preceding and during this year’s rush week. He noted the effort that goes into the week and, like Hanzlick, said that Bid Day is always his favorite day of the five.

 Macy Tush, first-year, went through Jewell’s recruitment this semester. Despite initial hesitations, Macy was ultimately pleased with the process.

“The thought of getting dressed up every night and spending three hours making small talk and hoping they would like me seemed like a nightmare. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how genuinely nice and interested all of the girls were,” she said. Tush has joined the Delta Chi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha.

 Evan Lott, first-year, did not share Tush’s hesitations but was also pleased with the week and the festivities that went came with it.

“I thought that rush week for the fraternities was well put-together and very informative,” he said. Lott is a new pledge for the Zeta Phi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.

 From the original 58 men who signed up for rush, 41 received bids at the end of rush week. 102 women signed up for recruitment, and 72 women received bids at the end of the week.

For more information about Jewell’s Greek system, you can visit http://wjgreeklife.weebly.com/.