Humans of Jewell

Maddie Douglas is a senior Oxbridge music major with a communications minor. She shared with the Monitor her current plans after graduation.

“I don’t have any solid plans. I have lot of interests and I have enjoyed studying music, but I don’t think that I want to pursue a career in music, so now I am at this sort of open-ended cliffhanger. At first I was very nervous that I didn’t have a plan after [graduation] because it’s comforting to know what’s next and to have something to look forward to. But what I’ve come to realize is that while it can be comforting to have a plan, because I don’t have a career path that I’m stepping onto the second that I leave Jewell, I really have the opportunity to go anywhere, the only limitation being money and access to my family, but I have considered just moving to one of the coasts and finding something that I’d be interested in, just taking a year off of school to figure out what it is that I want to pursue in the long term, and what that looks like right now, although it changes on a weekly basis, is that I foresee that I work either in a journalistic setting or non profit in the field of women’s issues and women’s health.”


She talked about her current interest in pursuing a career in women’s rights.

“I am pretty passionate about encouraging women of all ages and creating more opportunities for women, because we are still in a society where women don’t have the same opportunities, and my main goal is to close that gap but also to potentially, in the future, focus on a specific issue that I might be able to impact, whether that’ll be women’s reproductive rights or the wage gap for example but I could see myself working on that particular field, which has nothing to do with music but interesting enough that my music, degree has led me to that point. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I’m excited by the possibility that it could really look, however I want it to look and that I can start anywhere and start fresh after college.”photo-feature-jesse002

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