Day in the life: Bryar Buhlig

While it is not as common for William Jewell College students to live off campus, there are still many commuter students working and learning among us. Bryar Buhlig, junior digital media and communications major, has traveled to and from Jewell each weekday this school year and feels the “benefits far…

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Skylar Seitz, courtesy of Cassie Hayes

Day in the life: Skylar Seitz

Like many students at William Jewell College, Skylar Seitz, sophomore nonprofit leadership and psychology major, crams a myriad of activities into her days. Outside of her classes, Seitz manages the men’s basketball team and attends meetings and events as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta throughout the week. Thursdays are…

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Rachel Janiak, courtesy of Rachel Janiak
Micah Williams

A day in the life: Micah Williams

In balancing involvement and leadership in numerous college organizations, attending classes and holding two jobs, Micah Williams, senior biology and Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry (ACT-In) major, is undeniably a busy individual. While every day for Williams differs as she juggles her positions as secretary of the William Jewell College…

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Grace Haug, courtesy of Grace Haug