Weekly Update on the 2020 Election: September 17

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

In less than two months, the American people will vote in one of the most contentious elections in U.S. history. According to both national and statewide polls, there is likely to  be a new President of the United States. A poll conducted by The Economist has former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding nine point lead over President Donald Trump. This is not a unique result as most polls have Biden beating President Trump somewhere between two and 11 points. These statistics, however, could create a false reality for the Democratic nominee and his campaign. The statewide polls create a more accurate prediction of election day.

Just as in 2016, President Trump has a narrow path to victory through the electoral college. He has to carry historically Democratic states while snagging nearly all of the swing states. The 2020 election will be decided by almost the same states that made Trump the president in 2016. These state polls show that Biden is leading Trump, but the margin between them is decreasing. The former Vice President still has a healthy lead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina. However, as the first debate gets closer, and the stock market continues to skyrocket, President Trump is closing the deficit at a steady pace.

In campaign news, President Trump is under attack for the comments he made about U.S. troops. The Atlantic cites several anonymous senior staff members that have heard the President call living and dead U.S. soldiers “losers” and “suckers” on multiple occasions. This is not the first time that President Trump has had documented comments against those in the military. In 2015, he said the following about Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war for five years during the Vietnam War: “He’s not a war hero… I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump later apologized for his comments toward McCain but claims that this most recent accusation is nothing more than a “Fake Story.” 

During his latest campaign event, Vice President Biden once again fielded questions about his age in Pennsylvania this week. The Trump campaign has launched countless ads and other propaganda claiming that Biden is unfit for the job due to his age. Biden, who will be 78 on inauguration day, would be the oldest person to become President. Members of the Trump team have toyed with the idea that Biden’s mental capability is rapidly slipping. They reference his numerous speaking gaffes, but the former Vice President has a speech impediment that could have caused the gaffes. On ABC 27 News in Pennsylvania, Biden said the following, “I realize anything can happen to anybody at any age, any time. But I promise you I would not be running unless I was in very good health.”

COVID-19 and public health have become a key issue in the 2020 race. As COVID-19 still runs rampant in the U.S., the American people are looking towards the Oval Office for leadership. The Trump Administration has repeatedly touted what they deem was a successful response. 

“My administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable,” said President Trump. According to the White House, the President and his team built the largest testing system in the world, created a way for both the private and public sector to create and secure needed supplies and spearheaded the initiative to get a vaccine out as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, Biden released a comprehensive plan for his response to the pandemic last week. He plans on creating a system that allows every American to have access to American manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE). He will institute a restart program for any small business that went or will go bankrupt due to the economy closing. Both candidates have been critical towards each other’s response (or proposed response) since March.

The next major event for both candidates will be the first Presidential Debate – held Tuesday, Sept. 29, which will be nationally broadcasted and free to stream. 

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