AFE: Who ACTUALLY runs WJC Student Senate? The answer may shock you!

Students and faculty alike were shocked to find out that William Jewell College is actually being run by the approximately six by two foot promotional activity posters often found in the Pryor Learning Commons and Yates-Gill Student Union. The assumption by most was that Student Senate was filled with elected student representatives, as was traditionally done on campus, when in fact some of the most influential student-life-related decisions of late were being made by inanimate objects that require metal stands to remain upright. It is unclear when the posters came into power in student life, but being as they have yet to graduate, the system seems as though it will continue unopposed.

I was able to track down a few members of Student Senate for their comments on the reveal of their positions. When I spoke to official William Jewell Student Senate President, the poster of Dr. Rahn-Lee and Trevor Nicks pointing at a petri dish, about the questions of their qualifications for leading the student organization, they had no comment. When asked about the apparent dissolving of a democratic student process, poster of Dr. Rahn-Lee and Trevor Nicks pointing at a petri dish also had no comment. Student Senate Vice-President, poster of Chandler Eaton holding a shovel, also had no comments on these matters.

In an attempt to gauge reactions from students, I got a few comments from those studying in the PLC after receiving the news myself.

“We have a student senate?” Alexandria Iles, senior music education major, said.

“I literally don’t care,” commented another student who walked away before I could catch their name or major.

“I remember seeing student senate debates and posters last year,” said junior history, religion and ACT-IN major Andrew Ford, “I remember Drew Novak was a part of it. I even remember wishing him luck in the ‘election’. Now it all seems like a big lie. I wonder who all has been in on it. You ever see that movie ‘The Matrix’?”

“Please leave, go back to your dorm,” commented campus safety as I attempted to wait outside of Dr. MacLeod-Walls’ house for a comment.

No one seems to be sure how far this senate corruption goes, and no one seems to care enough to find out.

Jake Marlay

Jake is a senior biology major who likes sports and served as the Sports Editor for The Monitor from the Spring of 2017 to the Spring of 2018.

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