AFE: How to make a delicious bowl of toasted and flaked sugary corn or wheat, topped with your choice of milk

Photo by Deena Englardon Unsplash
  1. First, find the nearest bowl. You will also need some sort of utensil—a spoon, or a fork (if you are a monster). These tools will be essential in consuming this delectable, crunchy breakfast meal.
  2. Next, you will need to select the type of sweet, grainy flakes of food that will find their home in your bowl and then your stomach. Furthermore, select the type of milk that you like. You may choose classic cow—whole cow, half cow, very little cow, whatever you prefer. Remember, you’re not fat, and you could be drinking whole if you want. You may also choose nut milk (which is not real milk, by the way) if you don’t like the idea of drinking something from an animal, or if you’re lactose intolerant. This breakfast meal is easily vegetarian and vegan, as there are many organic options! 
  3. Once you have all of the materials you need to begin the tedious cooking process (bowl, utensil, flakes and milk), you will begin by setting your bowl down on a flat, sturdy surface so it doesn’t overturn your meal and your day. Take your choice of sweet grain pieces and pour them carefully into the bowl. You’ll want to pour until about 4/7ths of the bowl is filled, so you leave room for the milk. 
  4. Next, take hold of your milk carrier, whether it is cow or soy, and twist the lid to the right until it comes off. Then, carefully tilt the carrier and pour the milk until it fills the bowl, so that the grainy flakes reach the lip of the bowl. 
  5. Once your flakes and milk are united inside the bowl, you may now take your choice of utensil and carefully place it in the bowl. Some may choose to lightly mix the combination together to equally wet all pieces of grain, although eating this meal is a delicate process. If you don’t eat fast enough, your flakes may become soggy and overwetted. This is unpleasant and renders your meal unworthy of being consumed. 
  6. Finally, take your utensil and bring the food to your mouth. You have now successfully made this delicious, grainy treat, perfect for your mornings! 

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