The fanny pack is back

Chris Keys, sophomore, was spotted sporting a fanny pack in the Dining Hall.

The fanny pack, also called the “belly bag” or “hip sack” on the street, is making a slow but steady comeback to the fashion scene. Some may remember the accessory with horror as something their mother strapped on for family trips to the zoo, but do not let this distract you from the practicality and aesthetics that the bag can offer. After all, mother does know best.

Functionality in the fashion world generally translates to unappealing. However, why should it? The picture of attractiveness is confidence and coordination. Fumbling for a phone, car keys and a wallet looks far from cool and collected. The perfect solution is a fanny pack, presenting a way to keep the hands free and lending the impression of poise.

Just as the issue of attractiveness transcends gender, likewise so does the fanny pack. Women seem to catch the bad rap for toting along unnecessary items, but men have stuff too. Forget the questionable man-purse and buckle on a fanny pack—Matthew Mcconaughey did!

Mcconaughey was spotted wearing a pack at a Boston Red Sox game this last August. Other celebrities that know good taste and wear fanny packs include Ke$ha and Eva Mendes.

To remain stylish like the celebs, it is important to wear your fanny pack to the side. Wearing a fanny pack in the front causes extra bulge in the midsection that does not come off as appealing. Furthermore, sporting your accessory backwards makes for extra shuffling when accessing your pack. It also becomes an issue in the case of thieves.

Pickpocketers are abundant in tourist areas, which makes the fanny pack the ideal travel companion. With the pack, you can keep your credit cards and passport secure. No more worrying about a burglar snatching your handbag or reaching into your back pocket.

Nevertheless, do not limit this gem of functionality just to travel. Fanny packs are also fantastic for fitness. Long runs or bike rides call for water, keys and a phone for an emergency. Throw it all in your pack and exercise on!

Even if you do not intend to use your fanny pack for fitness, it still yields health benefits. A shoulder bag or backpack causes stress to the back muscles and spine. Luckily, a bag that sits lower on the hips—like a fanny pack—puts less strain on the back.

In addition, the fanny pack makes the perfect party companion. You can no-hands, free-style all night with your phone, ID, a stick of gum and whatever else you need for the night’s festivities stashed in your pack. Even more, you can switch your fanny pack to the front or back to suit your dancing style.

A fanny pack provides the function of a purse with more style and options. The bag sits at a perfect position to accentuate the waist and show off your most slender region. With a variety of colors, brands and styles available there is a fanny pack to fit every personality.

To purchase your very own fanny pack you can visit sporting good stores or smaller retail stores. Many of your favorite mall stores like Forever 21 are also likely to have them; you could also try a local thrift store.

Let’s bring back the style of functionality.

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